Does your purse feel lighter than usual? It’s a good idea to always check and make sure you have everything you need in the bag. For the minimalist person, the bag feeling light isn’t an issue. The issue is when a girl’s purse feels light and it’s the only thing she carries around during the day. Before you head out of the door, check if you have these top ten items well packed in your purse.

  • Makeup bag

You never know when you need to do your makeup on the go. If the makeup bag is too much, go for a couple of basics such as lipstick and foundation. These are nice for touch-up during the day or when transitioning from day to night.

  • Jewelry

Imagine you are out running errands and a sudden meeting comes up. You get a call with your greasy hair without makeup and no earrings or any jewelry for that matter. A sparkly necklace and a decent pair of earrings helps you look more put together. The makeup bag comes in handy as well in this situation.

  • Hair brush

Keep a small hair brush near you all the time. Deal with tangles immediately and avoid a bad hair day.

  • Notebook

Ideas pop in your head at any time. You don’t have to be thinking or concentrating for an idea to pop. You might be in the elevator and you think of a good idea. With a notebook, you can easily jot down your ideas, sketch something, or make plans.

  • Pen

You think of a brilliant idea as you are walking down the stairs from work and you rush to get your notebook. However, you don’t have a pen to write down the idea. It’s frustrating and you end up losing the idea probably because of frustration.

  • Planner

This is more of a diary as compared to a notebook. You will be more organized if you have a planner where you have all the plans for the day written down to detail. Nothing hurts like forgetting something small that will have huge impact in your life. You can use the phone as a planner but writing things down works better for me.

  • Wipes

Face wipes and baby wipes are essential items in your purse. A small mess such as getting makeup on your pants can mess up your day. In this case, the wipes do the job nicely.

  • Phone Charger

You want to make an emergency call but your phone battery is low. Its irritating and a letdown but having a phone charger comes in handy. You can simply request someone to help boost your phone to make the call.

  • Hair Ties

What happens when you need to get your hair out of your face? It feels good when your hair is free but sometimes it can be nagging, getting on your face all the time.

  • Tissue Pack

This is a must have item in your purse together with the wipes. The tissues help during winter colds, when emotions get the better of you, and when you want to show kindness to a stranger.

Having all the above items is amazing. However, you might get lost in your purse trying to look for loose change but it’s all disorganized and jumbled up. Carrying all these things requires an organized purse to ensure you don’t waste time looking for a bobby pin that got lost in the tissue pack or something like that.

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