Nothing scares a person when traveling like losing his passport money and other important travel documents. In 2011 the US State Department’s statistics showed 253,037 lost passports and 60,984 stolen passports!

What does all this mean? Being cautious is better than having to replace your passport and credit cards on a foreign country. Most of these people who lose their passports and money have a habit of simply stuffing the passport and money in the pocket right from the airport. This makes it easy for passport thieves to locate it in your pocket and it also makes you an easy target.

full zip passport wallet

To avoid all this, get a full zip passport wallet with a wrist strap. With the wallet, you can store your phone, up to eight credit cards, all of your travel and airline documents and it also has a zippered coin pocket for easy change. No need to worry about losing the wallet. You can use the wrist strap to have the wallet on your wrist all the time. Here, it is secure and easily accessible making your journey less stressful. The wallet is light and won’t feel like a stone wrapped in your wrist all day.

In a foreign country, the worry of getting robbed or losing your travel documents and cash robs you the peace and fun that comes with travelling. Once you get to your local destination, hotel, Air B n B or whatever, always a good idea to look for a secure location for your travel wallet, hotel safe or similar, and carry a copy of your passport while sightseeing and exploring your new exciting world.

(You also can’t leave these documents in your hotel room. They are essential documents needed in almost everywhere you go for adventure for identification purposes. This said and done, carrying your passport, money and credit cards doesn’t have to worry you if you have a full zip passport wallet.), in many countries really not a good idea to carry a passport with you, a copy will usually work, or the local visa is also better. A Canadian passport is worth a lot of money in some locals.

In case you find yourself in an unlucky situation and your wallet is stolen, don’t panic. Report the issue to the police and keep the reference number for its useful when replacing the credit cards. With the passport, this is a very sensitive document and you should report it to the police and have it cancelled as soon as possible before you start with the replacement process.

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