For those of us with limited closet spaces, luggage storage at home is a daunting task. Luggage in most households is a rarely used essential. This means you don’t need it often but when you need it you must access it. So, how do you properly store luggage at home to ensure you access it easily in between uses?

  • Choose the right location

This means ample space to store the luggage without getting damaged. Also, check that the luggage is stored in a cool and dry place. Your luggage might be dry when storing but you need it dry same way you stored it. Get a temperature-controlled storage space if you can. If not, ensure there is no intense humidity in the storage space. Moisture buildup and mold caused by intense humidity destroys your bag and your luggage altogether.

  • Under the bed

Do you have a high bed that only needs a mattress? There is a lot of room under the bed to store your luggage. If the bed isn’t as high enough, you can buy bed raisers to raise it as high as you need. To hide everything stacked under the bed, use a bed skirt.

  • High shelf or garage

If you have extra dead space at the top of your closet or garage, install a sturdy shelf. The shelf should be strong and wide enough to fit a suitcase lying sideways. Otherwise, you risk the shelf bending and breaking from too much weight.

  • Use your suitcases as home storage

Don’t leave suitcases empty. Use the suitcase to store a whole range of items you rarely use. This includes Christmas decorations, extra blankets, sheets, bulky duvets, out of season clothes, shoes and cold weather items, small luggage and bags, old photos etc.

  • Behind a screen

Take a screen and place it in one corner of the room. Stack your suitcases and other items behind it to keep the room neat and well organized.

For those who prefer stacking up luggage, make sure the soft shelled suitcases and bags are on top and the hard-shelled ones at the bottom. This helps avoid damage and deformities to the soft-shelled suitcases and bags.

Clean and repair the damaged luggage before storage and also make sure it’s completely dry before you store. The same way you store the luggage is the same way you retrieve it. This is if the luggage is dry and you don’t stack luggage on top of soft-shelled suitcases.

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