Staycations are a fun and pocket-friendly alternative to summer breaks. You do not need to empty your bank account and travel to an ideal destination to have fun and connect with yourself and your family. Don`t know about staycations? Keep reading!

Staycation is a short break that you can plan at your own home or some nearby place. It could be for some hours, a day, or a complete weekend plan. The idea is to get some time out from the busy routine and get relaxed.

Why Opt for Staycations?

A vacation or a break at home! The idea may appear weird to many people. Yes, it sounds absurd that why you need to go for a staycation at your own home. But the reason is worth paying attention to.

We have busy life schedules and hectic routines all week long. This exhausts us and takes away all our energy. We hardly get time to pamper ourselves and connect with family. Here staycations come to your rescue. The idea is to take a day or two off from all your routines tasks. And choose an area of your home for staying all day long and enjoying fun activities.

Staycation is an ideal plan in the current situation of COVID, where we all are bound at our homes. Most of the outdoor places are closed, and traveling is banned. But your home is not locked. You can avail all the fun opportunities while being at your own home. So why not make the most of this stay-at-home time.

How to Pack for Staycation?

You do not need big backpacks and travel suitcases to carry along on a staycation. A smaller bag will do the job. If you have more items to carry, it is better to opt for multiple small bags than to take a bigger one along.

Check out these Derek Alexander small bags for your next staycation.

Sling Bags

This small sling bag is good to take personal belongings. Even younger kids can be given a sling bag each to carry their own essentials.

Top Carry

If you want to carry lots of things, like snacks, drinks, clothes, etc. Then this full zip-top carry bag is ideal for you.

Small Backpacks

Smaller backpacks are the most convenient option to carry along staycations. You can easily fit your snacks, games, clothes, and some essentials in this small sling backpack.

These Derek Alexander bags are convenient to use and are long-lasting. It is a good investment for staycations.

What to Do on Staycation?

Plan whatever you like for your staycation. It is your vacation, and planning is in your hand too. Here are some quick ideas for your next staycation:

  • Watch movies
  • Play board games
  • Arrange a pool party
  • Camping
  • Cooking Together
  • Stargazing
  • Arrange Spa

The possibilities are endless.

What do You Need for a Staycation?

You might have planned a staycation at an area of your house or a nearby park, but you must carry all the essentials needed with you. After all, no one wants to take trips back home and destroy their fun.

Here is a list of everything you will need for a staycation

Water and Drinks

Everyone needs water, and its demand increases when it is a hot sunny day. So keep plenty of cold water bottles, juices, and drinks to stay hydrated and enjoy sipping.


Never forget to carry along snacks on staycation, even it is just for few hours. You feel hungrier on vacation than on a regular day. So carry lots of snacks with you.

Board Games

Board games and card games are a great way of getting connected with family. They are fun, engaging, and keep everyone busy for hours.

Extra Pair of Clothes

If you are planning a spa or pool party, extra clothes are a must. If not, keep it with you anyway. Maybe someone has planned a surprise water fight or a messy activity.


No matter where you go for vacation, pictures are a must to make it memorable. So pack your cameras along for capturing fun moments.

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