Semi-Pleated Twin Shoulder Bag


The two compartments on this bag permits organization and the detail is attractive making it a top pick.



The shoulder strap is a fixed size and sits nicely under the arm.


  • The first compartment has two drop pockets, cell phone pocket, and a pen sleeve. It also has room for larger items.
  • First compartment is kept shut with a hidden magloc.
  • The main compartment has a zipper pocket keeping everything secure.
  • It has two mirrored back wall zip pockets good for any items you need separate. For example these pockets are good for caring make up, a camera, or your cellphone.
  • There is also a removable key ring for your spare key.


  • The exterior of the purse has nice buckle detail as well the stitching is pleated.
  • On the rear of the bag there is a N/S zipper pocket good for caring anything that you want easy access to but need it secured like your passport, phone or keys.

Dimensions: 14x8x3″
SKU: FB1987


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