NS Two-Zip Shoulder Bag

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This multi functional bag can be used in a suitcase, as a handbag or cross body for travel.



  • Main compartment contains two drop pockets, one specifically for iPod.
  • Second compartment zips open nicely revealing credit cards slots, two drop pockets, and a zipper currency pocket. Also you will find a detachable key ring.
  • Two more pockets are found on the front of the bag. One has a full zip and with an angled drop pocket, great for a cell phone.
  • When the shoulder strap is removed bag works great inside a suitcase with an easy handle pull out.
  • Rear of the bag features a drop pocket with a hidden magloc closure, and a headphone hole to be attached to your iPod found inside the bag.




SKU: PW20217


Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 9 in

2 reviews for NS Two-Zip Shoulder Bag

  1. Cindy Pinard

    Received this bag it! except one thing..i wish the strap was not so wide. when i shorten the strap and carry it, it is awkward in my hand..thinner would be nicer.

  2. Margaret McGrath

    This bag is just the right size for my minimum requirements: book, phone, wallet, sunglasses, small stuff. No more shoulder pain from an overstuffed bag. It is so lightweight, and the finish edges stay clean and new. I have it in two colours, and among all of my DA\’s, it is my favourite.

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