DERBY- Slim Shoulder Crossbody Bag (DR 8034)

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The slim design and multiple pockets make this great bag for traveling.

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  • This slim handbag provides a unique design for that something different.
  • The front exterior provides a zippered pocket that contains a back wall zippered pocket and a removable key ring.
  • The front exterior also includes a pocket secured with a flap that works great for storing a tablet or eReader.
  • The rear exterior provides a pocket secured with a hidden magnet that contains a cell phone pocket, a pen sleeve, two sleeve pockets and storage space for necessities.
  • There is an additional zippered pocket on the rear exterior.
  • There is a removable adjustable strap for a comfortable fit cross body or on the shoulder.




SKU: DR8034

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 12 in

1 review for DERBY- Slim Shoulder Crossbody Bag (DR 8034)

  1. Crystal Bode

    I purchased this bag before I had a phone capable of internet access (very long ago!). I love the way it hangs across my body along with the soft and supple feel of the high-quality leather! Unfortunatel, after only one or two uses, one of the grommets where the strap attaches came apart, leading to a bag that was still ‘functional’ yet appeared broken and left me disappointed as this was an expensive acquisition for me.

    I contacted the vendor who told me there was nothing they could do and didn’t have any words of encouragement related to customer service at derekalexander. I stopped using the bag and tucked it away – unable to donate it or throw it away (I didn’t like the appearance, feared that the strap attachment would ruin the leather), and hoped I could find a suitable grommet replacement… fast forward a decade or so & I recently unearthed the bag, and contacted Derek Alexander repairs.

    After a series of photo and email exchanges, Lindsay, a super excellent customer service representative, aranged for a repair including return shipping, provided I ship the product to them at my own expense.

    Following repair, the bag was shipped back – I was extremely happy… until the first use, when the grommet again fell apart….
    It took me a while to decide what to do…. then I took a photo of the repaired-now-broken bag and sent it to Lindsay saying I wasn’t sure the repair was worth the time and expense….

    You might think now “Why is this a 5-star rating?”….

    Well, Lindsay promptly sent a reply conveying surprise that it had come apart so quickly, and then offered to replace the bag with a new one… I was shocked – this is almost unheard of in my experience…

    The new bag arrived within the week – a perfect replacement except it’s 2” shorter so won’t accomodate my tablet.

    Wonderful customer service, excellent product!

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