EW Top Zip Shoulder Bag

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Looks can be deceiving with this organizer when it comes to its size.



  • There are two compartments; the first compartment is secured
    with a top zip that provides a spacious interior for storing items along with a
    back wall zippered pocket.
  • The second compartment secured with a zipper provides a
    gusted opening and includes two sleeve pockets, a small zippered pocket, a
    removable key ring, and a zippered divider pocket.
  • On the front there is a pocket containing a cell phone
    pocket and sleeve pocket secured with a full flap with a magnetic snap.
  • There is a zippered pocket found on the front of the flap.
  • There is an additional pocket on the rear exterior secured
    with a magnetic snap.
  • There are two pockets on either sides; one secured with draw
    string and the other with a Velcro strap.
  • The straps are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit cross
    body or on the shoulder.

Dimensions: 8.5x7x3.5″
Weight: 0.8lbs
SKU: PW20188

5 reviews for EW Top Zip Shoulder Bag

  1. Cindy Pinard

    I received this purse but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I did however find one that suited my needs better. I just want to say what a good company this is to deal with. Free shipping and free returns and without any hassles. Thank you for your quick attention to my orders. Would definately order from them again.

  2. Kalee Walter

    I bought this purse years ago during my annual trip to Canada. The zippers just broke a few weeks back, and I\’m so upset! I love this purse! It\’s very durable and has so many pockets and plenty of room for everything I need to carry while still being small and practical. I hope I\’ll be able to buy a new one soon.

  3. Ruth Mathews

    I love this purse. I have worn my present one out but it’s been used for years. Will be buying another one ASAP.

  4. Elke Valentin

    This is the ideal purse, it holds everything but is not too large. Besides, it is ideal for travel. You can hide things in the many zippered pockets. Also the strap would discourage any purse snatcher, it would take too long to cut through it! It works very well as cross shoulder bag even though it is filled to the brim! And I have washed it in the machine on the gentle cycle. Came out like new!

  5. Elke Valentin

    I forgot to mention: since it is nylon, it is quite light even when filled up.

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