Pens… check. Notebooks… check… Brand-new calculator… check.

You’re probably preparing for the kids to go back to school within the month, and they will likely need a new backpack to put all their brand-new equipment in.

However, let’s not forget about mom!

Is your current purse or backpack looking a little shabby or a little worse for wear? If the answer is yes, why not spoil yourself with one of Derek Alexander’s signature-dyed leather backpacks? As beautiful as they are durable, these stunning backpacks will keep you organized on the school run for years to come!

Here are three of our favourites that we’d love to show you. All of these bags are lovingly crafted from our gorgeous drum-dyed leather. Not only that, but they all have a unique zippable strap that allows you to sling them over your shoulder or unzip into two separate straps to use as a backpack, making them fully functional no matter where you are going, or what you are wearing!


Sling/Backpack (FN 7866)

Available in both black and dark brown, this beautiful backpack is ideal for everyday use, with multiple compartments and zip pockets to ensure that you have space for everything… including the bits and pieces your kids may forget to take to school with them, or baby wipes to clean messy faces!

Made of our signature soft and supple leather, this bag is the perfect choice for everyday use, whether you are taking the kids to school, out shopping or going for a well-deserved coffee with friends.


Concord-Sling/backpack (CD 1916)

This backpack opens at the front for easy access, meaning you can see what you have packed at a glance, with plenty of pockets and zippers to make sure that there is a place for everything and that everything is in place! There is even a zippered pocket at the rear of the bag for storing anything that you need to keep secure, like car keys, bills or sensitive documents like passports or birth certificates.

With plenty of storage space and an elegant black and brandy colour scheme, this gorgeous leather backpack has all the room you need for everyday living.


Flashback- Sling/backpack (FB 2165)

Our Flashback backpack comes in three gorgeous colours – black, chocolate brown and tan; you’ll be tempted to buy all of them!

The main compartment of this bag is incredibly spacious, with plenty of zippers and pockets to ensure that you can find what you need in a hurry, so no fears that your little ones will miss the first school bell of the day!

Whichever one you choose, these three gorgeous backpacks will see you through the day, from waving the kids off at school, through to going to work, as well as heading out for a relaxing drink in the evening!

This stunning streamlined backpack is deceptively small… but be rest assured that you can fit a lot into it!

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