Leisure Bags

About 10 years ago Derek Alexander entered the leisure bag market with backpacks, travel bags, duffels, computer bags and other products all constructed in nylon. For a company like Derek Alexander which specialized exclusively in leather the product line seemed not to fit, and frankly our initial efforts were not great. However, our customers were having troubles finding a high quality line in the category and pressed us to stay with it. Perseverance paid off and the Derek Alexander nylon collection of 2009 is one of the fastest selling products in our line and a hit in the retailers that feature it.

Derek Alexander’s stubborn attention to detail and development of functional bags with great design led to this success. One of the big factors is the material itself. The “nylon” bag industry is now largely made from polyester rather than nylon. Although it is more expensive, nylon has much better resistance to abrasion (wears longer) and is lighter.

All styles feature: self repairing zippers, lock stitched stress points, poly urethane backed nylon (instead of a typical vinyl backing which can peel in cold weather) and cross woven straps to increase security (they are very hard to cut off). Three types of nylon with different textures and characteristics are used to suit each of the 80 plus styles.

Leisure Bags

420 D High Density nylon. The “D” refers to denier which is the thread count, in other words there are 420 threads per square inch; the high density refers to the thickness of the thread. This type of nylon is very rugged and so we use it for duffle bags, some of the more sporty travel bags and some of the business pieces. Colors are black, forest green, navy or khaki.

420 D Dull finish nylon. Again this is a 420 thread count; the dull finish provides a very rich look similar to micro fiber polyester but much more durable. Colors in this finish tend to earthy tones, black, camel, tan, taupe, and olive. This material suits more refined styles, mostly handbags, travel pieces, diaper bags and some messenger styles.

210 D Rip Stop nylon. Rip stop refers to a crossing pattern in the stitching which inhibits the tearing of the fabric. Used a lot in parachute nylon and ski wear, this type of stitch allows us to use a lesser thread count resulting in a durable, very light bag with a soft touch. Our two highest volume bags are in rip stop. Colors are black, olive, tan and red.

Our nylon bag program features a no fine print warrantee program which essentially provides for the repair or replacement of a bag if it becomes unserviceable for any reason.

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