Travelling is fun but lack of organization makes it difficult and inconvenient. It wastes time when you have to dig in your purse every time you need something. You dig and jumble everything up which is frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. You can get rid of all the frustrations by simply organizing your purse. In an organized purse, everything is in its place. All you have to do is open the purse and reach for the specific item you want even without looking.

We have all been there when that one thing you want out of the purse is at the bottom of the purse tied up in your chargers or headphones. A purse is a staple for any girl and a practical accessory for ferrying things around when you are not in the house. Here are ways to help keep your purse organized:


  • Take everything out of the purse and place it on a flat surface. Go through the purse and empty all the interior and exterior pockets.
  • Dump the purse over the trash can to get rid of the debris and crumbs.
  • Start with sorting out the items into smaller similar piles.
  • Throw or put away anything that doesn’t belong in the purse. These are the items that aren’t needed such as wrappers, expired coupons, etc.
  • Go through the sorted items and determine if they are essentials in the purse. No need to carry a full bottle of painkillers or four lipsticks. Downsize.
  • The aim here is to minimize what you carry around every single day by determining what is most important.

Organize Your Purse

  • Start with the items you use the most first. These include your phone, hand wipes, keys, and lip chap. Store these in the exterior pockets for fast and easy access. If you have a small pouch, keep them there all together.
  • Use clear pouches to create kits and keep similar items together.

Simple Purse Organization Tips

  • Only carry the must-have essentials
  • Keep the important items in a place where they are easily accessible.
  • Clean out the purse once a week
  • Downsize or minimize by using the available travel size options
  • Create kits and use the interior and exterior pockets or get a purse organizing insert.
  • Put everything back in its designated kit or pouch when you are done.
  • Never leave cash, credit cards, coupons and receipts floating in your purse. Store these in your wallet.
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