The world today has been shaken to the core by the Coronavirus. It’s a virus that attacks the respiratory system and has no vaccine at the moment. The only way to help stop the spread of this highly infectious disease is to wash your hands frequently and sanitize with an alcohol-based sanitizer. While washing your hands now and then seems like a daunting task, what about your purse. It’s the closest to you and cleaning and sanitizing your hands without doing the same to your purse can be null and void.

Firstly, the easiest way of keeping leather bags clean is watching where you place them, we sometimes tend to place them on the floor when we are out for dinner or even sometimes when at home. That is the first and easiest way of ensuring the bottom of your bag stays clean and safe from stains.

If you find that your bag does need to be cleaned for any reason, our specially made cleaner, and protector are the best way of ensuring keeping your bag at its best.

Our cleaner is made for every leather bag and finishes we make – it will not damage, but rather condition for a longer-lasting bag.

Our protector will also help with the longevity of all and any of our Derek Alexander leather products.

We strongly recommend these two products with the purchase of a Derek Alexander bag.

We sternly recommend not washing or using any other methods of cleaning our leather products.

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