Have you ever wondered how leather is finished and what makes every leather product unique? All Derek Alexander products are uniquely tanned and dyed to come up with a unique product. Leather is a good and durable raw material but what makes it unique is how it’s made into a product. The leather purse from Derek Alexander is made from pure leather made through the drum dyed leather.

So what is drum dyed?

This is Derek Alexander’s signature leather that makes all our products at Derek Alexander unique. With the Drum Dyed process, the aim is to make signature leather products. Coming up with a good product isn’t enough and we all know that. However, creating new product is much more important.

The Drum Dyed process starts by putting 500 cow hides in a closed rotating drum. To make the tough leather soft, smooth stones, tanning agents, and vegetable dyes are also added inside the drum. The process is like a simple but complex personal recipe. People only eat and enjoy the sweet smelling and tasty food but only the chef knows how long it takes to come up with such a unique dish.

With Drum Dying, the cow hides in the drum tumbles with the stones that make the leather soft by taking the stiffness out.  As you enjoy products from Derek Alexander, we give you the final product having gone through a systematic process of making it unique leaving you to enjoy the goodness.

Drum Dyed leather comes out of the tank with a good dye absorption rate. The better the dye penetrates in the leather, the colorful the purse comes out. This absorption of color is vital to the appearance of the purse and durability. When the purse is scratched, the scratches don’t show as much as the leather tanned using normal methods.

Our Drum Dyed products are as unique as the fresh authentic pizza made in Italy. No one can make it better and the same applies to our products. The Drum Dyed process results in a better looking, durable and high quality purse. At Derek Alexander, we use signature leather to make exquisite purses for the modern, classic lady.

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