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This is an exciting time for Derek Alexander, as 2020 marked the 32th anniversary of the company. From a modest beginning in Calgary, Derek Alexander rapidly became the number one leather handbag line in Canada. Now as we turn 32, we are fortunate to enjoy a reputation for quality and value that is hard to find in our industry.

During the past twenty-two years we have sold more than 5,000,000 Derek Alexander bags or wallets. We are in awe of this number and have great respect for the accomplishment and all of the people, including you, who have made this possible.



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Finally Back to School!!  The Perfect Backpacks For All Moms
Leather Backpacks

Finally Back to School!! The Perfect Backpacks For All Moms

Pens… check. Notebooks… check… Brand-new calculator… check. You’re probably preparing for the kids to go back to school within the month, and they will likely need a new backpack to put all their brand-new equipment in. However, let’s not forget about mom! Is your current purse or backpack looking a little shabby or a little worse for wear? If the answer is yes, why not spoil yourself with one of Derek Alexander’s signature-dyed leather backpacks? As beautiful as they are durable, these stunning backpacks will keep you organized on the school run for years to come! Here are three of...
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What’s in Your Bag? Top 10 things to Keep in Your Purse
Leather Bags

What’s in Your Bag? Top 10 things to Keep in Your Purse

Does your purse feel lighter than usual? It’s a good idea to always check and make sure you have everything you need in the bag. For the minimalist person, the bag feeling light isn’t an issue. The issue is when a girl’s purse feels light and it’s the only thing she carries around during the day. Before you head out of the door, check if you have these top ten items well packed in your purse. Makeup bag You never know when you need to do your makeup on the go. If the makeup bag is too much, go for...
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DRUM DYED – Our Signature Leather
Leather Bags

DRUM DYED – Our Signature Leather

Have you ever wondered how leather is finished and what makes every leather product unique? All Derek Alexander products are uniquely tanned and dyed to come up with a unique product. Leather is a good and durable raw material but what makes it unique is how it’s made into a product. The leather purse from Derek Alexander is made from pure leather made through the drum dyed leather. So what is drum dyed? This is Derek Alexander’s signature leather that makes all our products at Derek Alexander unique. With the Drum Dyed process, the aim is to make signature leather...
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