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This is an exciting time for Derek Alexander, as 2020 marked the 32th anniversary of the company. From a modest beginning in Calgary, Derek Alexander rapidly became the number one leather handbag line in Canada. Now as we turn 32, we are fortunate to enjoy a reputation for quality and value that is hard to find in our industry.

During the past twenty-two years we have sold more than 5,000,000 Derek Alexander bags or wallets. We are in awe of this number and have great respect for the accomplishment and all of the people, including you, who have made this possible.



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Tips For Storing Luggage At Home
Tips for Luggage

Tips For Storing Luggage At Home

For those of us with limited closet spaces, luggage storage at home is a daunting task. Luggage in most households is a rarely used essential. This means you don’t need it often but when you need it you must access it. So, how do you properly store luggage at home to ensure you access it easily in between uses? (more…)
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How To Keep Your Purse Clean

How To Keep Your Purse Clean

The world today has been shaken to the core by the Coronavirus. It’s a virus that attacks the respiratory system and has no vaccine at the moment. The only way to help stop the spread of this highly infectious disease is to wash your hands frequently and sanitize with an alcohol-based sanitizer. While washing your hands now and then seems like a daunting task, what about your purse. It’s the closest to you and cleaning and sanitizing your hands without doing the same to your purse can be null and void. (more…)
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Top 3 Bags for Your Winter Travel
Travel Accessories

Top 3 Bags for Your Winter Travel

Winter is a season for different moods. It’s boring when all you have to do is stay indoors all day but what about some getaway? During the winter season, you can plan for a getaway with your friends and colleagues as you await the summer family vacation. Winter travel helps get rid of the winter blues the season has to offer. As you prepare to travel and get away from the emotional fog that winter gladly brings along, here are the top three bags for your winter travel: (more…)
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